Felicity George

Regency Romance Author

Felicity George is a writer and teacher from Toronto, where she lives with her husband, her two teenage children, a large cat, and a tiny dog. A lifelong devotee of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, Felicity adores a happily-ever-after. ‘A Lady’s Risk’, book one in the ‘Gentlemen of London’ series, is her debut novel.

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A Lady's Risk: Never Trust a rake, By Felicity George
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Coming 2023

‘[A Lady’s Risk is] A delightful romance in which the heroine has to decide if there are some things more important than love — or if, in fact, love encompasses them all.’

NYT Bestselling Regency romance author Mary Balogh

Lady Margaret has devoted herself to taking care of her young siblings and the estate while her half-brother fritters away the family fortune. Upon Edwin’s death, she learns he has left them destitute and, worst of all, at the mercy of a notorious and cruel rake.

Lord Nicholas would much rather be pursing women for quick sport rather than taking care of a headstrong debutante without any prospects, as well as her siblings. But Edwin saved his life once, and now he owes him a debt. Fortunately, all he has to do is find Meggy a husband, and his debt will be paid.

There’s just one issue: Meggy is nothing like what he’d imagined. And the more time he spends in her company, the more he begins to wonder whether he’s met his match…

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